Snowmen Trek
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Tour duration : 28 days 27 nights (25 days & 24 nights trekking)
Tour types : Trekking and Cultural Sightseeing
Departs : Everyday
Destination : Paro and Bumthang and Trongsa.
Accommodations : 3 star hotels / Camping
Difficulty Grading : Challanging
Trek starts at : Gunitsawa
Trek ends at : Dur
Max Elevation   : 5230 m
Highest Camp    : 5120 m
Best Season       : Mid June – Mid October
Transport : SUV cars, Toyota mini bus, Toyota coaster bus, Domestic flight
Entry : Paro
Exit : Paro
Day 01: Arrival at Paro- Paro Vicinity tour (Cultural sightseeing)
Fly into Paro either from Bangkok, Singapore, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Delhi or Kolkata. Representatives (guide and driver) from See Bhutan Travels will receive you from Paro international airport. Transfer to your hotel and if time permits, enjoy sightseeing around Paro valley.
Sites to visit in Paro: Paro Rinpung Dzong, Drugyal Dzong and Kichu Lhakhang.

Day 02: Gunitsawa village - Sharna Zampa (trekking)
Trekking distance : 3 km
Elevation Changes : 80 m descent
Trekking time : 40 minutes
Campsite location : Sharna Bridge
Campsite altitude : 2850 m
Drive till Gunitsawa Village from where our trek begins. At the army checkpost your trek permit (provided by your tour operator) will be checked and endorsed. The campsite is on the opposite side of the river, not far from Gunitsawa.

Day 03: Sharna Zampa – Thangthangkha (trekking)
Trekking distance : 22 km
Elevation Changes : 770m ascent, 10 m descent
Trekking time : 7-8 hours
Campsite location : Thangthangkha
Campsite altitude : 3610 m
On this long day, the trail continues with lots of small ups and downs. After going uphill through the river valley the valley finally narrows gradually to a mere path which descends to a meadow where a camp will be there.

Day 04: Thangthangkha – Jangothang (trekking)
Trekking distance : 19 km
Elevation Changes : 480 m ascent
Trekking time : 6 hours
Campsite location : Jangothang
Campsite altitude : 4080 m
If you did not see Mt. Jomolhari the previous evening, you will still have a chance to get a great view early this morning. This morning the trek continues up the Paro Chhu valley which widens into patches of alpine meadow and scenic beauty.

Day 05: Rest day at Janggothang (trekking)
The rest day in Jangothang provides plenty of possibilities for day hikes with great views of lakes and snow capped mountains such as Jomolhari and Jichu Drake. There are good chances to spot some blue sheep on the upper slopes of the valley. Jangothang is a perfect environment for your acclimatization.

Day 06: Janggothang – Lingshi (trekking)
Trekking distance : 16 km
Elevation Changes : 810m ascent, 1090 m descent
Trekking time : 6 hours
Campsite location : Lingshi
Campsite altitude : 3800 m
The trail leads to a last settlement in the valley and drops to the Paro Chhu. Passing the lake of Tshophu (4,380m) you will climb up steeply to Bhonte La pass at 4,890m, the highest point of this trek route.

 Day 07: Lingzhi - Chebisa (trekking)
Trekking distance : 10 km
Elevation Changes : 280 m ascent, 410 m descent
Trekking time : 6 hours
Campsite location : Chebisa
Campsite altitude : 3880 m
Shortly after starting the trek, we reach a choeten below Lingzhi Dzong from where we can choose to stay on the main trail or take a detour.

Day 08: Chebisa - Shomuthang (trekking)
Trekking distance : 17 km
Elevation Changes : 890m ascent, 540 m descent
Trekking time : 6-7 hours
Campsite location : Shomuthang
Campsite altitude : 4220 m
The trek starts with a long (2-3 hrs) ascent behind Chebisa Village across a wide pastureland towards Gobula pass. A few yak herders can be seen along the route.

Day 09: Shomuthang - Robluthang (trekking)
Trekking distance : 18 km
Elevation Changes : 700 m ascent, 760 m descent
Trekking time : 6-7 hours
Campsite location : Robluthang
Campsite altitude : 4160 m
The trek begins by climbing up the valley to view Kang Bum at 6,526 m and some edelweiss. After two hours, we arrive at Jhari La at 4,750 m from where we can catch the first sight of Sinche La.

Day 10: Robluthang - Limithang (trekking)
Trekking distance : 19 km
Elevation Changes : 850m ascent, 870 m descent
Trekking time : 6 -7 hours
Campsite location : Limithang
Campsite altitude : 4140 m
The trek starts with 40-60 minutes ascent before the climb becomes gradual across a field of boulders for one and a half hours. Then, the trail climbs steeply for an hour before reaching Sinche La at 5,005 m.

Day 11: Limithang - Laya (trekking)
Trekking distance : 10 km
Elevation Changes : 60m ascent, 340 m descent
Trekking time : 4-5 hours
Campsite location : Laya
Campsite altitude : 3840 m
The trail today takes us downhill across a narrow, winding river valley. The trail takes us through a densely forested area to the western side of Laya village.

Day 12: Rest/Acclimatisation day in Laya (trekking)
If we have trekked from Paro, we should spend one day here recuperating and preparing for the rest of the hard trek. If we have started from Gasa, we should walk to Laya to acclimatize.

Day 13: Laya - Rhoduphu (trekking)
Trekking distance : 19 km
Elevation Changes : 1030 m ascent, 750 m descent
Trekking time : 7 hours
Campsite location : Rhoduphu
Campsite altitude : 4160 m
The trail descends to an army camp and follows a river. After lunch, the trial leads through rhododendron bushes to the camp at Rhoduphu.

Day 14: Rhoduphu - Narethang (trekking)
Trekking distance : 17 km
Elevation Changes : 740 m ascent
Trekking time : 6 hours
Campsite location : Narethang
Campsite altitude : 4900 m
Today too, the trail follows the river for about half an hour. Then it gently climbs to an open valley at 4,600 m and beyond that to Tsomo La at 4,900 m.

Day 15: Narethang - Tarina (trekking)
Trekking distance : 18 km
Elevation Changes : 270 m ascent, 1200 m descent
Trekking time : 6 hours
Campsite location : Tarina
Campsite altitude : 3970 m
Today, the trail climbs for an hour to Gangla Karchung La at 5,120 m. The view from the pass over many mountain ranges is spectacular.

Day 16: Tarina - Wache (trekking)
Trekking distance : 17 km
Elevation Changes : 270 m ascent, 330 m descent
Trekking time : 6-7 hours
Campsite location : Wache
Campsite altitude : 3910 m
The trail now winds through coniferous forests across the upper ridge of the Phochhu River. On the way, we walk past some sparkling waterfalls.

Day 17: Wache - Lhedi (trekking)
Trekking distance : 17 km
Elevation Changes : 980 m ascent, 1190 m descent
Trekking time : 6-7 hours
Campsite location : Lhedi
Campsite altitude : 3700 m
The trail begins through juniper and fir forests, then through rhododendron bushes until we reach Keche La pass at 4,650 m from where the surrounding mountains can be seen in all their majesty and grandeur.

Day 18: Lhedi - Thanza (trekking)
Trekking distance : 17 km
Elevation Changes : 450 m ascent
Trekking time : 7 hours
Campsite location : Thanza
Campsite altitude : 4150 m
If it’s a bright day, today the enchanting view of Table Mountain at 7,100 m spreads before us. At around midday, the trail goes past the small village of Chozo lying at 4,090 m. The village boasts of a dzong.

Day 19: Rest day at Thanza (trekking)
The yaks from Laya return form Thanza. So, new yaks need to be arranged, which takes time. As new yaks are being arranged, we can choose to experience the highland village life or climb up the ridge to feast one’s eyes on intriguing views of lakes and mountains.

Day 20: Thanza - Tsorim (Trekking)
Trekking distance : 19 km
Trekking time : 8 hours
Campsite location : Tshorim
Campsite altitude : 5125 m
The trek begins with a climb up to the ridge, from where one can get a spectacular view of the Table Mountain and Thanza valley below. The ridge’s altitude is 4,500m and rises gradually up to 4,650 m as one approach the Foot Bridge. After lunch, you walk up towards the left side of the bridge. It is an arduous climb, ridge after ridge until you reach at Tsorim(5,150 m.) You then descend to the camp at 5125 m.

Day 21: Tsorim - Gangkar Phuensum base camp (trekking)
Trekking distance : 16 km
Trekking time : 7 hours
Campsite location : Gangkar Phuensum Base
Campsite altitude : 4970 m
In what is the highlight of the trip, the day starts with a short climb to the Tsorim lakes. You can walk along the sides of the lakes and enjoy the panoramic views of the Gophula ranges. While you need to make another climb to Guphola pass (5,230m), it is very short. Once you cross the pass, you descend to the base camp, from where you will experience the enthralling feeling as you view Gangkar Phuensum. Those with stamina and energy can go to left side and climb up the Pyramid Peak for a better view. The base camp nearby Sha Chu is at an altitude of 4,970 m.

Day 22: Gangkar Puensum Base camp - Geshe Woma (trekking)
Trekking distance : 18 km
Trekking time : 8 hours
Campsite location : Geshe Woma
Campsite altitude : 4200 m
Having experienced the beauty of the higher mountains, it is time to return. However, the trek is far from over. Today, you follow a trail that goes along the Sha Chu and descends gradually to Geshe Woma, at an altitude of 4,200 m.

Day 23: Geshe Woma - Warathang (trekking)
Trekking distance : 18 km
Trekking time : 8 hours
Campsite location : Warathang
Campsite altitude : 4000 m
In a similar path, you continue following Sha Chu for two and half-hours. After this, the stiff climb to Sakala begins. As visibility along the Sakala trail is poor, one must watch the top of the ridge for guidance. Your lunch will be arranged by the side of a yak herder’s camp. After lunch, you climb up to Sakala pass at an altitude of 4,800m. This follows with a downhill trek to the lakes and another short ascent to Wartangle pass (4,590 m). The scenery once again is stunning with small lakes and mountain peaks. The camp at Warathang is at 4000m.

Day 24: Warthang - Dur Tsachu (trekking)
Trekking distance : 14 km
Trekking time : 6 hours
Campsite location : Dur Tsachu (hotspring)
Campsite altitude : 3590 m
The day will begin with a short half- hour climb to Juelela, (4400m). Once you cross the pass, the trail descends to the riverside and traverses along dense rhododendron, juniper and conifer forest. You will cross a bridge after which you need to climb a bit to Dur Tsachu (hot spring,) believed to be blessed by Guru Padmasambava. Overnight Camp will be at the hotspring.

Day 25: Dur Tsachu - Tshochenchen (trekking)
Trekking distance : 16 km
Trekking time : 8 hours
Campsite location : Tshochenchen
Campsite altitude : 3850 m
It will be a day when we cross the last pass of the trip (Juelela pass). Beginning from the hot spring, we take a long and steady climb, views of the mountains in Lunana at the background. One will pass along blue lakes and camps of yak herders, before the arrival at Thochechen, our camp for the night at an altitude of 3,850 m.

Day 26: Tshochenchen – Dur - Jakar (trekking)
Trekking distance : 21 km
Trekking time : 9 hours
Over night : At hotel in Bumthang
The last day of the trek traverses along the Chamkhar Chu, gradually descending with a few occasional climbs. Here yaks are replaced by pack ponies for carrying trekking gear. The trek ends upon arrival at Dur village, after which we drive to Bumthang and spend the night there.

Day 27: Bumthang – Paro (domestic flight, 35 minutes)
Take a flight from Bumthang to Paro. After landing at Paro spend your time exploring the valley.

Day 28: Departure
Your wonderful trekking tour of Bhutan comes to an end today. After breakfast, your guide and driver will see you off at Paro international airport for you onward destination.
Fly out either to Bangkok, Singapore, Katmandu, Dhaka, Delhi or Kolkata

Cost of booking Snowmen Trek is as follows:

Single Traveler : $13185
Dual/ 2 Travelers : $9175 Per Person
3 travelers : $7635 Per Person
4 Travelers : $7400 Per Person
5 Travelers : $7285 Per Person
6 Travelers : $5650 Per Person
7 -9 Travelers : $5590 Per Person
10 and above Travelers : $4895 Per Person

Note: Mentioned price does not include the domestic airfare from Bumthang to Paro.

The above mentioned price covers the following:

  • Tour vehicles with experienced driver – (SUV cars for single and dual travelers, Toyota Mini buses for group of 3 – 9 travelers and Toyota coaster buses for group consisting 10 or more travelers).
  • All meals – (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
  • All accommodations in 3 star hotels/ guest houses in twin sharing basis – (Up gradation to 4 stars and 5 stars available on paying the extra premium).
  • Licensed English speaking tour guide – (Language speaking guides for French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai are available on paying extra premium of $60 - $100).
  • Sustainable Development fee of US $65 per person per night spent in Bhutan – (This money goes for a very good cause of reducing poverty, rural development, free medical services and free education for Bhutanese people).
  • Entrance fees to all tourist sites
  • Tea and snacks during the day
  • Bottled water during the day
  • Bhutan Visa Fee of US $40
  • Trekking Equipments as follows:
    1. Horses/ potters and ponies
    2. Toilet tents with toilet pots and toilet papers.
    3. Sleeping tents (A-shaped) with pillows and mattress
    4. Dinning tents with tables and chairs
    5. Kitchen tents with whole set of kitchen items to prepare meals.
    6. Trekking/camping cooks
    7. Trekking/camping staffs
    8. Hot water bags in bed.
The above mentioned price does not cover the following:

  • Airfare (both international and domestic)
  • Travel insurance
  • Laundry, Beverages and tips
  • Any cost incurred due to flight cancellation, delayed flight or road blockage