Food Accommodation and Transportation in Bhutan

Food in Bhutan

Visitors should be aware that Bhutan is a cultural destination, not a culinary. However the foods that one will get in Bhutan are authentic and native. Bhutanese peoples’ love for spiciness is show cased in their dishes with red hot chillies being the main ingredients.

Travelers will not find any fast food chains, the likes of Mc Donald, KFC or Subways in Bhutan. All you will be treated with is a bowl full of rice and varieties of curries. Changing menu in Bhutan is just between the colors of rice (red rice and white rice) and the curries that are prepared of.

Curries can be of following types:

1. Chicken Curry

2. Pork Curry

3. Beef Curry

4. Fish Curry

5. Egg Curry

6. Mix vegetables

7. Ema Datshi (mixture of chilli-ema and Cheese-Datshi)


Amongst the above listed dishes, Bhutanese people consider Ema Datshi as one of the unique and native dish. Rests are influenced by continental (Indian and Tibetan dishes).


One snack that visitors must try while in Bhutan is Momo, a Tibetan originated steamed dumpling. It is filled with onion, cabbage and either cheese, beef, pork or chicken.


Beside foods, some of the drinks that tourists must try while in Bhutan are locally brewed wine known as Ara and a salted butter tea called Suja.

Ara is brewed from either maize, rice, millet, wheat or barley and Suja is kind of drink our forefathers have invented to rejoice the value of salt as it was difficult to get in olden days and peoples have to travel weeks to barter from Tibetan merchants in the north and Indians in the south.

Meals to tourists are served in buffet or a la carte system in 3 stars rated hotels or restaurants.


Transportation in Bhutan

Transportations within Bhutan are arranged by respective tour operators with whom travelers have booked their tour. Types of vehicle and their models should be approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Following tour vehicles are arranged by See Bhutan Travels depending on the size of travelling groups:

1. Single and Dual travelers: SUV cars such as Hyundai Santafe, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Creta and Toyota Prado

2. 3- 9 persons: Toyota Haice bus and Hyundai H1

3. 10 and above: Toyota coaster bus


Accommodations in Bhutan

Accommodations for all tariff paying tourists are arranged by respective tour operators in 3 stars rated, government approved hotels and guest houses in twin sharing basis (2 people in one room).

For those travelers who want to upgrade their accommodations from 3 stars to luxury hotels (4 stars and 5 stars) can do by paying the extra premium incurred beyond the cost of 3 star hotels. However luxury hotels are limited to only few western districts of Bhutan such as Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangduephodrang (Gangtey/Phobjikha) and Bumthang.

Farm house facilities are also available in certain places such as Phobjikha under Wangduephodrang districts and are certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan. You can witness the rural life of Bhutan by spending few nights on these farm houses.

Camping is also possible in Bhutan but visitors are allowed to camp only on few designated sites, which are approved by government of Bhutan.