Things to Do in Bhutan

Cultural identity to Bhutan has been always vital to its survival and till date Bhutan has some of the world’s most unique culture and tradition, which has become its main attraction for the international tourists.

Cultural Tour

Around 90% of tourists visit Bhutan for cultural sightseeing. Influenced by Buddhism, Bhutan has some of most unique culture and tradition in the world, be it the way people dress, the architectural design, the festival people celebrate or the faith people practice.


Bhutan can be a paradise for trekkers. With more than 20 trekking trails located across the country, some requiring climbing over 5000 m and months to complete, trekking in Bhutan will give a true feeling of closeness to wilderness.

With only about three and half thousands of tourists visiting annually for trekking, the trails remain very calm and quiet. One unique thing about trekking in Bhutan is that the trails are very natural.

Festival Tour

Festivals have been part and parcel of Bhutanese people’s life for generations. Festivals in Bhutan are mostly influenced by Buddhist traditions.

Tshechus are amongst the most celebrated festivals in Bhutan. Every villages, communities, monasteries and districts have their own scheduled dates to celebrate Tshechus once in a year. During Tshechus different kinds of mask dances are showcased, some depicting the Buddhist belief of journey after death.

Some of the popular festivals in Bhutan are Paro Tshechu, Thimphu Tshechu and Punakha Drupchen.

Beside Tshechus, few community festivals such as Black necked crane festival at Phobjikha, Rhododendron festival at Lamperi and Haa Summer festival attracts hundreds of international tourists.

Nature Tour

With over 5500 species of plants and 750 species of birds, Bhutan is a destination for nature lovers. With country’s constitution mandating to remain at least 60% under forest cover for all time to come, Bhutan is a paradise for vast varieties of flora and fauna.

Amongst the nature lovers, annually Bhutan receives hundreds and thousands of tourists for birding.

Adventure Tours

Adventure activities are very limited, yet Bhutan’s pristine and fast flowing rivers makes a perfect destination for white water rafting.

Some of the other adventure tours one can undergo while at Bhutan are mountain biking and motor cycle tours.