Tour Guide Language and Currency in Bhutan

Tour Guides in Bhutan

All the tour guides in Bhutan are trained and certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan. The costs to hire a guide in Bhutan for all international tourists are covered by the tariff that they pay prior to their arrival in Bhutan. It is compulsory for all tourists to hire a guide while visiting Bhutan.

The tariff of $250 during peak season and $200 during lean season will cover only an English speaking guide. For those tourists who wish to book a language speaking guide have to pay an extra premium of $60- $100 per day.

Language speaking guides are limited to only few foreign languages such as, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, German and French.


Languages spoken in Bhutan

More than 25 dialects are spoken in Bhutan. Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan and is predominantly spoken in western region of the country. Its alphabets have been derived from Tibetan alphabets. Other two dominant languages in Bhutan are Tshangla language, spoken in Eastern Bhutan and Lotsham language spoken in Southern Bhutan.

English is used as medium of instruction in schools and colleges in Bhutan and is spoken predominantly across every parts of Bhutan. English is also used as official languages in government offices, corporate and private firms.

Around 70% of Bhutanese people can also speak Hindi.


Currency in Bhutan

Ngultrum (BTN) is the currency of Bhutan and its value is peg with Indian Rupee. Indian Rupee is also accepted as legal tender in Bhutan.

Tourists visiting Bhutan can use US dollar, EURO, GBP or AUD as legal tender or can exchange to BTN from banks in Bhutan.